Monday, September 27, 2010

Seminar #2: Woman's Rights

Good day gentleman. I look forward to your presentations today and tomorrow with anticipation of what might be. In order to prepare for the next couple of classes you should be aware of the following.

You will write an essay which will broadly deal with woman's rights in Canada in the teens and twenties. For the seminar ( September 29th day 1, September 30th day 2), you should be aware of the Alberta Five, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, eugenics, Protestant Christianity's social gospel movement and any other information that might be relevant such as the Woman's Liberation Movement of the 1960's.

Some information can be found in Issues: pg. 68, 106 as well the index of SHOC might help with your research. Remember the more you are able to actually participate in the seminar and discuss the issues presented the better.

Following our discussion of the topic, you will be given a focused essay topic and will be asked to right an in-class essay on the topic the next class after the seminar.

For a hint about a potential essay topic maybe look up the difference between Maternal and Equal Rights Feminism.

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  1. Women did not always find life as easy as it is today. The Women’s Rights Movement, changed society, into what we know it to be today. Women around the world were considered to be inferior to men, but over many years of hard work and devotion, women finally gained equality. Women were a man’s property, were not considered a “person”, could not hold jobs, and were not allowed to vote.

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    -sajen gill