Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome Back and Issues

Welcome back from your holiday. I hope you have all returned rested and eager to jump back into term two. We begin the year with the first of four installments in our Issues Program. If you missed the original handout for the program it is linked on the side bar. Each of the four installments takes place over three days with a research, seminar and in-class essay day.

On the first day back you will be given research time in class to prep for the first seminar in the program. Remember that you will need one or two outside sources (that is other than your textbook) for the essay and thus you will want to find those during this period. For further details about what is required of you in the Issues Program please refer to the handout (again, linked on the sidebar).

You will need to brush up on your APA style formatting. If you need help please check the link on the sidebar.

During the first seminar we are going to be debating issues surrounding these topics:

Seminar 1:
- Canadian Politics to 1960
- Hobbes vs Locke
- Social Safety Net vs individualism
Out of your textbook
• The Welfare State pp. 168-9
• The CCF in Power pp.174-5
• The Canadian Bill of Rights pp.212-3

This handout right here will be the basis for the seminar discussion and you will have to take sides for each question. Please come prepared.

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