Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Exam

Sooooooo.......the exam is tomorrow. No worries, just follow the notes you have made over the last couple of days. That is some solid stuff and you guys put together some great info. All of the PowerPoints can be found here on the blog and do not forget to look at the quizzes we did this term. The quizzes are a great review of the terms readings.

If you feel you need to practice some questions look at this link....SAMPLE EXAMS look at the questions that deal with the time frame we have studied....1900-1960ish

Also there will be 2 essay ?'s remember the format we discussed. (Intro, Thesis, A, B, C, Conc.)

If you need I will be inthe Boarding House tonight (Wednesday Nov. 24) at 7pm in the 3rd floor common room.

Good luck!!!

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